I was introduced to technical analysis early in my trading experience. 
I studied, experimented  and tested the use of all the technical indicators and oscillators. 
I have seen all the strengths, weaknesses and limitations of the technical indicators and oscillators. I have also seen their power, usefulness, and importance in making everyday trading decisions.

After 30 years of trading in the stock, commodity, and futures
markets I have seen a lot of price action and chart patterns and I have learned what to expect when a familiar price pattern or  price movement shows up.

I have tried a lot of options trading recommendation websites trying to find one that I could completely trust and depend upon. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find one.
That is why I decided to build this website and use my many years of experience trading with technical analysis to develop a newsletter that can help traders to be successful.

I designed my newsletter with the goal in mind to help traders to follow the ups and downs of the market place. Ideally the best time to enter or exit the market is at a top or a bottom. Not knowing when or where that might be can make trading decisions challenging and difficult. That is where my newsletter comes in to help you in your decision making process and to point out opportunities when they arise.
This newsletter is suitable for weekly options and was developed with them in mind but they can be helpful when it is time to make any trading decision.
This newsletter can be used  in conjunction with any other service you might already have.  At the very least it can be useful as a second opinion on a trade you might already be considering.

This newsletter is useful for everyone from the raw rookie trader to the seasoned veteran trader.
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Monday - Friday
9:30 am - 4:00 pm EST
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